Purple City

50X40 cm 2400 Sek

Moon Skate

120X90 cm 8000 Sek

Purple walk

28X35 cm 1400 Sek SALE 1000 Sek

Moon mind

65X90 cm 5000 Sek

Spring in sight

60X50 cm 1900 Sek SALE 1500 Sek

Calm dream

65X90 cm 3900 Sek

Eco City

65X90 cm 4000 Sek

City construction

35X28 cm 1400 Sek

City bridge

21X15 cm 990 Sek

City mint

50X50 cm 2500 Sek

Deco City

50x60 cm 3000 Sek

City breeze

30X30 cm 1400 Sek

Light breath

Wall construction

Acrylic on canvas fabric Approx 150X100 cm 9000 Sek with frame

Cloud beat

22X27 cm 990 Sek

Magnetic walk

40X50 cm 2300 Sek

City walls

65X90 cm 6800 Sek

Funk tracks

90X65 cm 4500 Sek

Mint Funk

65X90 cm 3900 Sek

Purple Deco

65X90 cm 3800 Sek

City transform

90X65 cm 5000 Sek

Jazz Graffiti

Acrylic 90X65 cm 5000 Sek

City Jazz

New ways

100X80 cm 4000 Sek

City crossing

70X50 cm 5000 Sek

Future beat

Watercolor 80X50 cm 4000 Sek with frame

Funk battle

90X65 cm 5000 Sek SALE 3000 Sek

Non stop city

50X50 cm 1800 Sek SALE 1200 Sek

Traffic Funk

Traffic Funk 90X65 5000 Sek

Aqua people

60X60 cm 3000 Sek SALE 2000 Sek

Cloud Surfing

Round canvas 30X30 cm 1500 Sek

Funk chaos

90X65 cm 4900 Sek

Jazz energy

70X50 cm 2500 Sek

Time walk

50X40 cm 1200 Sek

Retro dreams

90X65 cm 4000 Sek

Funk studio

65X90 cm 3000 Sek

Funk aquatic

90X90 cm 3800 Sek SALE 2900 Sek

Street Fusion

156X 2,5 meter Canvas with punched eyelets. 40 000 Sek Been displayed both in Paris and New York.

Spoon people

50X40 cm 1900 Sek

Phone head

60X50 cm 1700 Sek

Wanna dance

46X55 cm 1900 Sek

Butterfly funk

50X60 cm 2000 Sek

Spring Jam

60X70 cm 2700 Sek

Space bird

60X50 cm 1400 Sek SALE 1200 Sek

Mind journey

65X90 cm 3900 Sek

Moog motion

50X50 cm 2400 Sek

Time together

50X60 cm 2500 Sek

Dot dream

46X55 cm 1500 Sek SALE 1300 Sek

Emotional connection

40X50 cm 1200 Sek SALE 1000 Sek

Toucan thoughts

30X40 cm 1200 Sek

Jazz splash

60X50 cm 1200 Sek SALE 990 Sek

Dream machine

150X120 cm 9500 Sek

City hug

35X28 cm 1200 Sek SALE 900 Sek

Surf sunset

50X50 cm 1600 Sek SALE 1200 Sek

Pistage hill

Acrylic 22X27 cm 1000 Sek

Sea Dust

40X50 cm 1200 Sek

Soon sun

Two paintings 35X28 cm 1500 Sek

Poppy palm 2016

46X55 cm 1600 Sek SALE 1400 Sek

After rain

50X40 cm 1900 Sek

Valley fields

50X50 cm 1600 Sek SALE 1400 Sek

Puzzle park

120X90 6000 Sek SALE 4900 Sek

Future garden

30X30 cm 1400 Sek Sale 1200 Sek

Wave wind

28X35 cm 890 Sek

Surf flight

60X50 cm 1600 Sek SALE 1400 Sek

Morning clouds

Acrylic 40X30 cm 1400 Sek

New sea

22x27 cm 1200 Sek

Saga mountain

70X60 cm 3000 Sek SALE 2700 Sek

Beyond green

40X50 cm 1700 Sek

New air

65X90 cm 3700 Sek SALE 3000 Sek

Sleepy summer

80X100 cm 5000 Sek

Green future

Two paintings 30X30 cm 1600 Sek SALE 1400 Sek

Green tracks

60X50 cm 1300 Sek SALE 1200 Sek

Tree rain

80X60 cm 3000 Sek

Calm trees

40X50 cm 2400 Sek SALE 1900 Sek

Blue freedom

65X95 cm 3500 Sek SALE 2900 Sek

New sunrise

20X20 cm 860 Sek SALE 500 Sek

New surf

50X60 cm 2500 Sek SALE 1800 Sek

Spring cloud

50X70 cm 2500 Sek SALE 1900 Sek

Never ending moon

50X50 cm 2500 Sek SALE 1600 Sek

New blue

Two paintings 21X15 cm 890 Sek SALE 600 Sek

Yellow skies

Castle valley

55X46 cm 1400 Sek SALE 1200 Sek

Long walk

Acrylic 28X35 cm 1000 Sek

Wind whistle

50X60 cm 1500 Sek SALE 1300 Sek

Cosy and courageous

28X35 cm 900 Sek SALE 600 Sek

Dream surfing

60X80 cm 2400 Sek SALE 1900 Sek

Palm peace

100X80 cm 5000 Sek SALE 4000 Sek

Palm beads

50X50 cm 1600 Sek Sale 1300 Sek

Coral Surf

50X60 cm 1400 Sek SALE 1100 Sek

Flower dawn

50X50 cm 1800 Sek SALE 1400 Sek

Vibrant wings

40X50 cm 1000 Sek SALE 900 Sek

Aquatic wall

Watercolour A4 299 Sek SALE 180 Sek

New swim

40X30 cm 1200 Sek

Little diver island

50X40 cm 1200 Sek

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City bridge

21X15 cm 990 Sek